All-a-Board® Lifter

Board Transport & Loading Made Easy

The All-A-Board® Lifter moves rigid substrates through narrow aisles, doors and between machinery. Feed boards into printers, use as a mobile work bench to meet changing workflow and space requirements. Solidly constructed with these ergonomic design features:

  • Body frame is constructed from clear anodized, t-slotted extruded aluminum
    fastened with metric hardware and extrusion specific fasteners
  • Four heavy duty 5″ diameter swivel locking casters can transport up to 1000 lbs of 4’ x 10’ media
  • Handle along the back of the frame allows operators to maneuver and rotate table top from vertical to flat position
  • Spring loaded latch mechanism locks table top in flat position
  • Pull handle allows operator to easily release latch mechanism and return table to vertical position
  • Durable high-pressure laminate surface, fastened to Lifter frame with counter-sunk (Flat Head Cap Screw) hardware that prevents scratching and is impact resistant

Available in 5 heights (34″ to 42″ to fit your printers and cutters.

Model #       Description
61600……….All-a-Board® Lifter 34″ Height
61602……….All-a-Board® Lifter 36″ Height
61604……….All-a-Board® Lifter 38″ Height
61606……….All-a-Board® Lifter 40″ Height
61608……….All-a-Board® Lifter 42″ Height


What customers are saying
“The All-a-Board® Lifter is like having an extra person on the job. What a tremendous help this is- especially when our skilled staff is limited and we really need an extra hand. Since we work in such a confined space, the ability to flip the All-a-Board® Lifter vertically to move it through aisles to the printer or finishing department, then rotate it flat, makes lifting so much easier. The All-a-Board® Lifter also eliminates the strain of lifting sheets from the pallet. It doubles as a transport device as well as a worktable. It’s super light and moves like a dream. We need to order more!”
-Eric Berger, President, Color Reflections Philadelphia, PA


Outstanding Features of the All-a-Board® Lifter

Quickly feed boards into printers and cutters with fewer injuries
and damages

In the vertical position boards can be quickly loaded and secured against the ledge bracket to prevent accidental handling damage during transport


  • Quickly load a 6″ stack of boards.
  • Rotate and lock into a flat position.
  • Operator can quickly and safely load boards onto printers and cutters.
  • Industrial grade extrusions clear coat anodized finish + 1mm tolerance.
  • Four 125mm locking swivel casters effortlessly move up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Full length handle bars on panel and load sides enable operators to pull top from vertical to flat position.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on casters & 5-year warranty on extrusions
61600 All-A-Board® Lifter 34″ Height $5,995.00
61602 All-A-Board® Lifter 36″ Height $5,995.00
61604 All-A-Board® Lifter 38″ Height $5,995.00
61606 All-A-Board® Lifter 40″ Height $5,995.00
61608 All-A-Board® Lifter 42″ Height $5,995.00

Ships fully assembled FOB Montgomeryville, PA 18936. Plus additional $325 for wood platform deck

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