Rotary Cutting Wheels: Traditional vs. Textile vs. Twin Wheel

The term “cutting wheel” is used often but they don’t necessarily cut the same substrates.  So how do you determine what equipment is best?  What’s the difference?

Traditional Rotary Cutting Wheel: Working with flexible rolled media?  Rotary trimmers are perfect for cutting and trimming of flexible materials cleanly and quickly.  The general rule of thumb applies that if the material can be cut with a pair of scissors, you’re looking for a rotary trimmer.  A rotary trimmer’s accuracy relies on its shear point – the exact contact point between the rotary and flat (counter) blades at which the cut occurs.  When using a quality trimmer, the rotary wheel(s) offer a self-sharpening, long-lasting feature for precision and outstanding longevity.

Textile Cutting Wheel: Working with Fabric or flimsy materials that typically fray when you cut them?  The Textile Cutting Wheel, also referred to as a “Circular Blade”, is used with Textile Cutting tools for cutting textiles, fabrics and other flimsy materials.  At Foster Keencut, we have a 45mm Textile Cutting Tool that is used with our Series 2 Precision Cutter Bars and a 10mm Textile Cutting Tool that is used with our Simplex, Max and original Precision Cutter Bars.

Twin-Wheel Cutting Wheel: Working with rigid materials that needs a sheer cut?  Twin-wheel cutting tools are available on Foster Keencut’s Vertical Cutters to allow you to cut through rigid materials.  Each tool has different capabilities depending on the cutter they are used with, the diameter of the cutting wheel and the finished edge.

  • Composite Twin-Wheel: Included with the SteelTraK, the composite twin-wheel cutting tool can cut up to 4mm Aluminum Composite, 3mm MDF & 3mm flexible polycarbonate.
  • Aluminum Twin-Wheel: This optional tool for the SteelTraK is a aluminum twin-wheel cutting tool that can cut up to .040 aluminum.
  • Excalibur Twin-Wheel: Included with the Excalibur 5000, the twin-wheel head shears 1/8″ Masonite, heavy mat board and 3/8″ PVC board.

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