Cutter Selection Guide – Glass up to 6mm



The Excalibur 1000 features a cutting head with interchangeable utility blade, acrylic scoring blade and glass scoring wheel. Also includes the ratchet control making it ideal for cutting rigid materials up to 1/2″ thick.


The Excalibur 5000 is the essential finishing tool for every printer, graphics, photo, sign and framing workshop. Four precision cutters in one, standard utility blade, acrylic scoring blade, glass scoring wheel & twin wheel cutting tool. The Excalibur 5000 can be mastered within minutes.


The most amazingly accurate, easy to use cutter for sign-making for up to 5mm dibond. Designed with the sign making and the graphics industry in mind – every tool cuts on the same line. No mistakes, no special operator knowledge, no color coded production stops. All four tools are permanently attached to the cutting head. Just turn the wheel and the utility blade, acrylic scoring blade, glass scoring wheel & composite twin wheel cutting tool is ready to use in a second.

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