Cutter Selection Guide

3 Steps To Help You Choose the RIGHT Cutter:

  1. Use the following Cutter Selection Guide to show you which cutters are used for different types of media.
  2. Ask the Experts!  Contact Foster’s expert customer service team to help determine the best cutter for your needs using our Cutter Selection Tool or call 800-523-4855.
  3. Not sure which Foster cutter or trimmer will be the best choice for your application?  Send us your sample materials.  We’ll test your material with our cutters, and provide our recommendations. We’ll also return the materials to you so that you can see the smoothness and precision of the cuts. Call us today to arrange for a test cutting: 800-523-4855 or 267-413-6220.
Send Samples to:
Attn: Testcut
204 B Progress Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 18936

Cutters – Trimmers 101:

You’re in the market for a new cutter.  So how do you determine what equipment is best? A rotary trimmer, a vertical cutter or a cutter bar?  What’s the difference?  This general rule of thumb applies:

  • If the material can be cut with a pair of scissors, you’re looking for a rotary trimmer.
  • If the material requires a utility blade for cutting, you’re looking for a cutter bar or vertical cutter.

Foster offers an array of cutters that can handle multiple types of substrates – from flexible and fabric to rigid and semi-rigid. Some of our trimmer models are designed specifically for high-volume shops or for oversized materials, while others offer the high-precision standards often necessary for projects like tradeshow displays and point-of-purchase displays.

Based on the size constraints of your shop, our cutters can also be wall- or table-mounted, or even portable.  The one constant in all of our products is quality.  We promise value, versatility and longevity through unprecedented warranties that illustrate the caliber of our products and our commitment to your satisfaction.

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