Surface Mounted Lift & Hold Mechanism

Mechanism to accommodate all Javelin Series 2 cutter bars 44″ to 124″.

List Price: $345.00
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Designed to fit the Javelin Series 2 precision cutting bars, the Lift & Hold Mechanism is affixed to the table by screws, ultimately securing the cutter bar in place to prevent shifting while cutting. The device allows operators to easily lift the cutter bar, slide the material in place and clamp down to make precision cuts.

It is essential that the surface being used to cut on is flat, if the surface is dished at any point then the material being cut may not be held in position firmly and will move sideways as the blade passes giving a curved cut. This is particularly important if thin or flexible materials are being cut.

A narrow groove can be machined in the table surface for the tip of the blade to run in. Otherwise, we suggest using a cutting mat to protect the table surface and prevent the blade tip from being deflected while cutting.

Outstanding Features of the Surface Mounted Lift & Hold Mechanism:

Surface Mounted Lift & Hold Mechanism securely mounted onto the table with the Javelin Series 2 Cutter.

Easily lift and lower the cutter bar to slide the material in place.

Affixed to the table by screws.


  • Turn your table into a precision cutting station.
  • Improve the accuracy and function of the Javelin Series 2 precision cutter bars.
  • 5 year general warranty on all parts.
  • 100% made in England.

Surface Mounted Lift & Hold Mechanism

60970 Lift & Hold Mechanism $345.00

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