Evolution-E2 Series

Wide-format precision cutter for media ranging from 44″ to 144″

* Please note that this product has been discontinued with limited quantities remaining.  A perfect replacement option for the Evolution-E2 Cutter is Keencut’s new Evolution3 SmartFold.

List Price: $1,615.00 – $2,580.00  
Cutter Prices

The Keencut Evolution-E2 is the industry’s most precise wide-format cutter, engineered for speed and convenience.

  • The cutting bar is weighted, and has silicone bead along the straight edge and base plate, providing additional grip and thus eliminating the need to manually hold material.
  • Materials can also be secured flush against production work stops to hold them in place.
  • A sturdy torsion bar allows single operators to lift and control the entire cutter bar from a single end (either side).
  • An easily interchangeable textile cutting tool provides additional substrate cutting versatility.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets allow the Evolution-E2 to be affixed to any table, regardless of its straightness or levelness. The adjustable levelers ensure straight and accurate cuts on any surface – to within .008″ over the entire length of the cut, up to 144″.

High-Performance, Bi-Directional Cutting Head
The Evolution-E2 features an extruded alloy cutting base and a high-performance double cutting head design that relies on long lasting Graphik blades. These unique reversible blades cater to both left- and right- handed operators and cut materials up to 1/2″. The blades can also be set at different depths, allowing the first blade to score the material and the second blade to cut through it in a single pass. Also included is one medium-duty utility blade holder that accepts standard utility blades and cuts up to 3/8″ thick.

Turn Your Precision Cutting Bar into a Cutting System
Designed to fit your existing table or with the optional Evolution 2 Bench. Combine the Evolution 2 Bench with the Evolution-E2 cutter to create the ultimate precision cutting table.

Perfect for Cutting Up to 1/2″:

  • Acrylic (score & snap up to 1/4″)
  • Banners
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Fabric & Textiles
  • Foam Board
  • Inkjet media
  • Paper
  • PVC board (10mm)
  • Tissue

Outstanding Features of the Evolution-E2:

High-Performance Bi-Directional Cutting Head.

Includes Four Interchangeable Blade Holders.

Easy to adjust blade depth with integrated depth guidance allows easy and exact cutting.

A sturdy torsion bar allows single operators to lift and control the entire cutter bar from a single end (either side).

The adjustable levelers ensure straight and accurate cuts on to within .008″ over the entire length of the cut.

Flip stops on both sides of the cutter provide horizontal clamping and allow for bi-directional cutting for left- and right-handed operators.

Switchable cutting tracks for general purpose and textile cutting.

The built-in textile cutting track and textile cutting tool (included) add the final refinements to the most versatile, accurate and simple-to-use, wide-format cutting system ever.

When not in use, the cutter bar’s swing-over capability allows it to be folded under the cutting table or workbench, resulting in an unobstructed workbench surface.

Adjustable mounting brackets allow the Evolution-E2 to be affixed to any table.

60384 60386 60387 60388 60389 60390
A cm (“) 110 (44) 160 (64) 210 (84) 260 (104) 310 (124) 360 (144)
B cm (“) (56) 193.04 (76) 243.04 (95 3/4) 293.04 (115 1/2) 343.04  (135) 393.04  (154 3/4)


  • Includes:
    • Vertical Graphik blade holders (2)
    • Graphik utility blades (25)
    • Vertical Medium-duty blade holder
    • Medium-duty utility blades (100)
    • Vertical Textile Blade Holder with 45mm Cutting Wheel
  • Accurate to within .008”
  • Integral extruded alloy cutting base
  • Single handed positioning, cutting and clamping
  • Reversible Graphik blades for left- and right-handed operators
  • 5 year general warranty
  • 20 year warranty on bearings
  • 100% Manufactured in the UK

Replacement Blades and Accessories:

69108 Medium-duty blades (100) $25.00
69119 Superior Quality blades (100) $65.00
60395 Vertical Medium-duty Blade Holder;
fits 69108 & 69119 blades
69131 Graphik D .017 Blades (100) $65.00
60396 Vertical Graphik Blade Holder;
fits 69131 blades
69132 45mm Circular textile blades (10) $160.00
69133 45mm Circular textile blades (10) $30.00
60397 Vertical 45mm Textile Blade Holder;
fits 69132 blades
60195 Textile Cutting Strips (2) 15.6′ long each $95.00
60392 Series 2 Double Vertical Action Cutting Head includes: 2 Graphik Blade Holders, 10 Graphik Blades,1 Textile Blade Holder $790.00
KX12 Yellow “T” silicone cord (pack of 32′) $40.00
KX14 Yellow round silicone cord (pack of 32′) $40.00
Evolution 2 Benches $645.00 – $1,520.00

The Evolution-E2

60384 Cut Length 44″; Overall Size 56″W x 10″D $1,615.00
60386 Cut Length 64″; Overall Size 76″W x 10″D $1,800.00
60387 Cut Length 84″; Overall Size 95 3/4″W x 10″D $1,965.00
60388 Cut Length 104″; Overall Size 115 1/2″W x 10″D $2,190.00
60389 Cut Length 124″; Overall Size 135″W x 10″D $2,415.00
60390 Cut Length 144″; Overall Size 154 3/4″W x 10″D $2,580.00

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