Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter

Tough, precise, versatile, built to last with a 5 year general warranty on all parts.

List Price: $1,990.00 – $2,190.00
  Ultimat Gold Prices

Tough, precise, built to last and exceptionally comfortable to use, the Keencut Ultimat Gold takes the guesswork out of creating perfect mats. Whether you’re a highly skilled hobbyist or a professional who specializes in intricate frames, the Ultimate Gold is the gold standard of manual mat cutters.

Offering superior micro-adjustments and space-age bearings that provide silent-glide action, the Ultimat Gold is built for precision, ease of use and versatility.

This sturdy cutter with a single-piece aluminum extruded base cuts:

  • basic window mats
  • double window mats
  • multiple openings
  • 3⁄16″ foamboard mats for covering with fabric

Unrivaled Features and Dual Cutting Head

  • The precision cutting head has a comfortable sculpted shape and features ball-and-thrust bearings for superb precision.
  • The dual cutting head features both beveled edge and vertical blade holders.
  • The vertical head can be locked into position to allow easy cutting of the thickest boards.

The Ultimat Gold is such a premium product that the Institute of Visual Arts’ Randy Hufford, a leading expert in the framing industry, fully endorses it.

This mat cutter really is the Rolls Royce of mat cutters – precision, simplicity and accuracy.” — Randy Hufford, leading framing industry expert, Institute of Visual Arts

Perfect for Cutting:

Up to 3⁄8″:

  • Banners
  • Foam board (5mm)
  • Conservation board
  • Corrugated plastic (5mm)
  • Mat board
  • Mount board
  • Self-adhesive vinyl

Upgrade Kits for original Ultimat and Ultimat Gold
Futura slideway, cutting head and stop system have been specifically designed to retro-fit to existing machines. This upgrades your existing Ultimat & Ultimat Golds to the new Ultimat Futura capabilities. The Futura Upgrade Kit also includes (15) Tech S .012 and (15) Tech S .015 blades.

Outstanding Features of the Straight Edges:

The bevel blade holder features a fast-blade ejector combined with the front set depth stop.
Loading the blade from the back to the front stop ensures no resetting of the depth or pulling the blade out in the material.

Feature 4

The optional rigid T-bar mat guide extends up to 30″, giving an accurate all-around location for cutting.
The optional 24″ support arms enable easy handling and accurate cutting of the largest sheets by preventing sag.

Feature 5

Unique sliding gauge pinpoints blade entry and exit spot for exact freehand cutting. The patented micro stop adjusters fitted to the ‘start of cut,’ ‘end of cut’ and  margin guide’ stops allow you to dial out overcuts or undercuts in seconds.

Feature 2

The optional instant clip-on right squaring arm with a repetition stop accurately sizes all matboards from 90cs (36″) down to 4cm (1.4″).

Feature 3

Unique lift and hold system raises and lowers the cutter bar.


  • Includes:
    • Tech D .012 blades (30)
    • Superior Quality utility blades (20)
  • Rear loading blade holder for swift replacement; blades will never pull out in heavy materials
  • Unique sliding gauge pin-points blade entry and exit spots for exact free hand cutting
  • 5 year general warranty
  • 20 year warranty on the bearings
  • 100% Manufactured in the UK

Replacement Blades:

61199 Tech S .012 Blades (Box of 100) $55.00
69137 Tech S .015 Blades (Box of 100) $55.00
69136 Tech D .012 Blades (Box of 100) $55.00
69135 Tech D .015 Blades (Box of 100) $55.00
69108 Medium Duty Blades (Box of 100) $25.00
69119 Superior Quality Blades (Box of 100) $65.00


61216 2x Base Extension Support Arm 24” Long $165.00
61218 30″ Extended Margin Guide Kit $280.00
61220 Multi-Angle Cutting Gauge $105.00
61222 Wall Mounting Kit- Discontinued, limited quantities available $185.00 
61224 Reverse Bevel Stop $90.00

Ultimat Gold

61210 Cut Length 40″ $1,990.00
61212 Cut Length 48″ Discontinued
61214 Cut Length 60.5″ $2,190.00
Ultimat Gold
61210 61212 61214
A cm (“) 119 (47) 139 (54.7) 174 (68.5)
B cm (“) 101 (40) 122 (48) 157 (60.5)
C cm (“) 39 (15.5)

Upgrade Kits:

Upgrade Kits for Ultimat Gold
61320 Upgrade kit for 40″ Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter $815.00
61321 Upgrade kit for 48″ Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter $855.00
61322 Upgrade kit for 60.5″ Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter $945.00
Upgrade Kits for original Ultimat (Purple)
61330 Upgrade kit for 40″ Ultimat (Purple) Mat Cutter $815.00
61331 Upgrade kit for 48″ Ultimat (Purple) Mat Cutter $855.00
61332 Upgrade kit for 60.5″ Ultimat (Purple) Mat Cutter $945.00

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