Ultimat Futura Mat Cutter

The smoothest cut

List Price: $2,350.00 – $2,585.00
  Futura Prices

Ultimat FuturaAll the precision of the Ultimat Gold PLUS a new cutting head with self aligning roller bearings for the smoothest cut ever.

The Ultimat Futura gives you:

  • Large diameter roller thrust bearings on the cutting head for total control of both blade carriers.  No flex, side play or hooks.
  • Switchable magnetic blade holders for many blades cut so many different thicknesses.
  • Includes a roller lift and hold system, patented micro-stops and the base plate holds all accessories.

Perfect for Cutting up to 5mm:

  • Banners
  • Foam board
  • Conservation board
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Mat board
  • Mount board
  • Self-adhesive vinyl

Multi Angle Cutting Gauge (61220): The Multi-angle Cutting Gauge will make easy work of angled cuts when creative mat cutting. The three gauges enable the mat to be accurately positioned, marked and cut at angles of 30°, 37.5°, 45°, 52.5° and 60°, making easy work of hexagons, octagons, chamfered corner mats, etc.

Reverse Bevel Cut (61224): The Reverse Bevel Stop can be fitted to the Ultimat Futura or Ultimat Gold mat cutter to produce a reversed bevel mat without over or under cuts. These mats can then accept ‘slips’ or ‘fillets’ producing a clean tight joint between the slip and the mat.

Upgrade Kits for original Ultimat and Ultimat Gold
Futura slideway, cutting head and stop system have been specifically designed to retro-fit to existing machines. This upgrades your existing Ultimat & Ultimat Golds to the new Ultimat Futura capabilities. The Futura Upgrade Kit also includes (15) Tech S .012 and (15) Tech S .015 blades.

Outstanding Features of the Ultimat Futura:

Feature 4

Cutting head is mounted on roller bearings running on steel tracks.

20 year warranty on the bearings.

Cuts up to 5mm thick semi-rigid substrates.

Designed to cut bevels on 3.5mm thick conservation board.

Feature 4

Easy to change blade cartridges mean switching between cutting different materials can be done in seconds.

Ergonomically designed cutting head makes it easy to use over long periods- comfortable for left or right-handed users.

Feature 4

Sliding gauge pinpoints blade entry and exit spot for exact freehand cutting.

Patented micro stop adjusters fitted to the ‘start of cut,’ ‘end of cut’ and ‘margin guide’ stops allow you to dial out overcuts or undercuts in seconds.

Feature 4

The new high performance slideway and head system uses Foster Keencut’s SteelTraK technology.

Feature 4

Roller ‘lift and hold’ system with one-handed operation raises or lowers the cutter bar and frees hands for precise mat placement without holding up the lifting handle.


  • Includes:
    • Tech D .012 blades (30)
    • Superior Quality utility blades (20)
    • Tech S .012 blades (15)
    • Tech S .015 blades (15)
  • Switchable magnetic blade cartridges for many blades cut so many different thicknesses. A spare bevel blade cartridge is supplied with the cutter.
  • 5 year general warranty
  • 20 year warranty on bearings
  • 100% Manufactured in the UK

Replacement Blades:

69108 Medium-duty blades (100) $25.00
69119 Superior Quality blades (100) $65.00
61199 Tech S .012 blades (100) $55.00
69137 Tech S .015 blades (100) $55.00
69136 Tech D .012 blades (100) $55.00
69135 Tech D .015 blades (100) $55.00


Ultimat Futura

61310 40″ Ultimat Futura Mat Cutter $2,350.00
61312 48″ Ultimat Futura Mat Cutter $2,470.00
61314 60.5″ Ultimat Futura Mat Cutter $2,585.00

Ultimat Futura
61310 61312 61314
A cm (“) 119 (47) 139 (54.7) 174 (68.5)
B cm (“) 101 (40) 122 (48) 157 (60.5)
C cm (“) 39 (15.5)

Upgrade Kits:

Upgrade Kits for Ultimat Gold
61320 Upgrade kit for 40″ Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter $815.00
61321 Upgrade kit for 48″ Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter $855.00
61322 Upgrade kit for 60.5″ Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter $945.00
Upgrade Kits for original Ultimat (Purple)
61330 Upgrade kit for 40″ Ultimat (Purple) Mat Cutter $815.00
61331 Upgrade kit for 48″ Ultimat (Purple) Mat Cutter $855.00
61332 Upgrade kit for 60.5″ Ultimat (Purple) Mat Cutter $945.00

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