On-A-Roll® Lifter Inventory Clearance Specials

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All orders will be invoiced through your favorite Foster dealer.
  2. All inventory clearance items sold as is- no refunds or returns. 
  3. All orders ship FOB Montgomeryville, PA 18936
  4. There is no charge for pallets, crating is additional. 
  5. Inventory clearance sold on a first-come first-served basis.
On-A-Roll® LifterList PriceSale Price
Brand New Discontinued Models
61589 Low Profile Grande$3,295.00$2306.50
61590 Grande $3,295.00$2306.50
61593 Low Profile Apex$3,395.00$2376.50
61596 Standard Grande$1,795.00$897.50
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Demo Room Units
61574 Low Profile$1,975.00$790.00
61580 Universal$1,975.00$987.00
R61586 Standard$1,975.00$790.00
Roll Positioner$1,195.00$597.50
Heavy Duty Jumbo Stacker$1,895.00$895.00
All-A-Board Lifter® List PriceSale Price
Brand  New Discontinued  Models
61606 40″H All-A-Board Lifter®$5,995.00$4196.50
61608 42″H All-A-Board Lifter ®$5,995.00$4196.50
61610 Top Divider$725.00$507.50
QTS1705251420 Panel Rotation Cart$3260.00$1304.00
Panel Handling Cart$1495.00$747.50

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