Choosing the Right Workbench

At Foster Keencut we offer several different workbenches so how do you know which one to choose?

Evolution 2 Workbench: Combine the Evolution 2 Bench with the Evolution-E2 cutter to create the ultimate precision cutting table. Now the Evolution-E2 cutter has the perfect bench.  The cutter can be easily be installed onto the bench without installing the worktop first.  Only one ¾” thick worktop is required to bring the top level to the Evolution-E2 cutter’s base.

Evolution 2 Workbench works with: Evolution-E2 Cutter

Big Bench & Big Bench Xtra: The Big Bench and Big Bench Xtra, with their modular designs, improve the accuracy and function of the Max and Javelin Series 2 precision cutter bars. Constructed from anodized aluminum for long-lasting durability, the Big Bench and Big Bench Xtra are solid and precise cutting tables and workstations. With the addition of the Lift-and-Hold Mechanism on each side of the table, the Big Bench allows users to easily align and trim the largest work projects single-handedly.  A base plate leveling system provides extreme flatness, consistent clamping and cutting accuracy.

Big Bench Xtra works with: Javelin Series 2.  Big Bench works with: Max

Proteus Workbench: The Keencut Proteus Workbench, combined with the Javelin Integra cutter, creates the ultimate precision cutting table. The modular design of the Proteus enables growing businesses to re-configure and expand their bench as needed – quickly and economically – to work in concert with new demands. Any bench or table unit can be fitted with a customer-supplied top of choice.

Proteus Workbench works with: Javelin Integra or as a General Workbench

Matboard Storage Units: The Ultimat Futura, Ultimat Gold and Artist Plus are designed to work on your existing table. Or consider using these cutters on the optional Matboard Storage Unit that also helps maximize use of space in small shops and provides significant savings on storage costs. Avoid edge damage by storing your unwrapped matboard and finished frames in this sturdy unit.  The smooth internal base that includes heavy-duty interlocking extruded plastic channels allows unwrapped mat board, or even finished frames, to be slid in or out without edge damage.

Matboard Storage Units work with: Ultimat Futura, Ultimat Gold & Artist Plus

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