Squaring the SteelTraK

For your machine to produce accurate square cuts the Squaring Arm needs to be fixed at exactly 90° to the Main Column. to adjust the Squaring Arm first select a sheet of foam core or foam board (3-6mm) at least 60cm x 100cm (24” x 36”) in size. The larger the board the greater the accuracy. 1. Place the board on the machine vertically…

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Choosing the Right Workbench

At Foster Keencut we offer several different workbenches so how do you know which one to choose? Evolution 2 Workbench: Combine the Evolution 2 Bench with the Evolution-E2 cutter to create the ultimate precision cutting table. Now the Evolution-E2 cutter has the perfect bench.  The cutter can be easily be installed onto the bench without installing the worktop first.  Only one ¾” thick worktop…

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Why do I need to supply my own tabletop for a workbench?

When you purchase an Evolution 2 Bench, Proteus Bench, Big Bench and Big Bench Xtra a tabletop is not included with the package.  The reason why a tabletop is not included is because shipping a large tabletop could become damaged in transit.  A tabletop (recommended MDF or Plywood) which is 3/4″ thick can easily be purchased at your local hardware…

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