Cutting Thick Substrates on the Evolution/Evolution-E2

The Evolution-E2 Precision Cutter can cut up to 1/2″ (13mm) thick substrates.  When cutting these thicker materials it is important to remember to adjust the Black Level Adjustment Knobs located on the end of each side. Place the material under the cutter bar and release both Adjustment Knobs.  The cutter bar will settle to the surface of the material.  Raise the cutter…

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Rotary Cutting Wheels: Traditional vs. Textile vs. Twin Wheel

The term “cutting wheel” is used often but they don’t necessarily cut the same substrates.  So how do you determine what equipment is best?  What’s the difference? Traditional Rotary Cutting Wheel: Working with flexible rolled media?  Rotary trimmers are perfect for cutting and trimming of flexible materials cleanly and quickly.  The general rule of thumb applies that if the material can be cut…

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Getting The Best Cut

You’ve invested in a high quality printer, bought an excellent Foster Keencut cutter and now it’s time to find the right substrates to make your project complete. When it comes to substrates, there are a lot of options to choose from.  There are dozens of different brands and a variety of substrates available.  Each brand has their own characteristics and…

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Blade Selection Guide

Are you trying order more blades for your cutter and not quite sure which blades you need?  Visit Foster Keencut’s new Blade Selection Guide to help you find the best blades for your needs.  Find the cutting wheels, blades, accessories and blade holders that are used with our Multi-Substrate Cutters, Precision Cutter Bars, Rotary Trimmers, Flexo Plate Cutters, Mat Cutters…

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