Maintaining Your Cutter Properly

Cutter maintenance is  crucial in prolonging the accuracy and the production life of your cutter.  To maintain your Foster Keencut cutters or trimmers properly it is important to always keep your cutters clean and dust free.  We recommend using a mild detergent or a light soapy water mixture to clean all of our machines.  A silicone spray is best for keeping all moving parts,…

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Foster Keencut Cutters vs. competition

As your company begins looking for the best cutter to use in production at your shop, you are most likely looking into different manufactures of cutters and trimmers that best suit your needs.  Here at Foster Keencut we strive in having our products made with only the best quality materials and it shows in our products performance.   All of…

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What’s New

Foster Keencut is a leader in the cutting and trimming industry.  We are here to provide the best customer service while fulfilling the demand of the market.  We are always looking for ways to improve our product lines and make rapid adjustments to our approach when the environment deems necessary.  Why is this important for you?  We here at Foster Keencut…

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